Our mission statement:

The Sequim PC Users Group shall promote the acquisition, understanding and application of technological skills in the community.


The purpose of the Sequim PC Users Group shall be to promote the understanding and use of personal computers, to disseminate information about developments in the field of computers and the application of the technology to business, education and the home, to enhance interchange of knowledge and skills among users, and to assist the Sequim School District faculty and student body in gaining computer knowledge and applicable, timely and real-world skills.

Meetings are held on the third Saturday of each month at 10:00am in the Shipley Center art room.

Dues are $25.00 per year for each individual.  Payment covers membership for the member and the member’s immediate family.

Meetings usually include a training program or a presentation of one or more topics of current interest to members of the group, followed by a business meeting.  Time is set aside at the end of the meeting to address concerns of members.  A question and answer format is used to answer questions addressed to the moderator.

Special Projects are developed to help improve some area of computer or technical training in the Sequim High School or the SPCUG, or both.

SPCUG Accomplishments:

  • An electronic course was set up by an SPCUG member who helped teach the course for the first year until a teacher was trained and the course established.  Required funds were provided from the group’s treasury.
  • A CAD (Computer Assisted Design) course was developed and taught for the first year by an SPCUG member.  This required the CAD software (AutoCAD) and a more powerful computer which were provided by the SPCUG through donations from members and membership dues.  The course started with three students.  The following semester, 25 students signed up for the course. There is a large demand in industry for students trained in this discipline.
  • Since the CAD course required more capable computers and special software than were available in the computer lab, funds were generated by the SPCUG members and matching funds were supplied by the school to purchase components for 24 new computers.  These computers were built as a class project and the old computers were assigned to other areas where they were needed.  This course is now being taught by a full time instructor.  The school has an effective program in computer training, offering three courses that provide college credits among the available courses.  Also, all of the school computers are maintained by the advanced high school students.
  • The teaching tools available for typical school courses were inadequate for computer training.  It is important in a training environment to be to show what is being done on a computer on a large screen in color.  We investigated the available projectors and found the InFocus 580 color projector would do an excellent job for the size of the computer lab, and would be useful in other areas of the school environment. SPCUG proposed that the school provide half the funds needed to purchase the projector and other equipment needed to make full use of the projector, and the SPCUG would provide the remaining half. The proposal was accepted by the school and the projector has been purchased.  Now many school departments have such projectors.  We have since purchased a large 8 ft. x 8 ft. projection screen and an effective public address system to enhance our presentations.  In 2002 SPCUG purchased the Altiris Vision software that allows control of all computers in the lab and showing on all the computers whatever is on the controlling computer.  This is an excellent training tool and has been since purchased and used by other school departments.
  • SPCUG is established as a Non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization with donations deductible for tax purposes.

2017 Board of Directors:

  • President: Tom LaMure
  • Vice-President: Bob Holt
  • Treasurer: Anne Notman
  • Secretary: Shell McGuire
  • Outlaws Coordinator: Steve Solberg
  • Web Master: Jim Hurley